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Tours at Ostheimer's

It is a great pleasure for us to open the doors of our factory making it possible for the young and the young at heart to take part in the process of creating and designing our toys: from the sawn out wood of the maple tree to the lively shaped Ostheimer-Horse.
Each week, many visitors experience all the steps of our production process getting the chance to witness the devotion, accuracy and skill employed by our craftsmen and -womenin creating wooden figures for children. We love to see the children's wide eyed expressions and the appreciation shown for our products throughout these tours.
Take the chance to gaze at the artistically hand crafting of an original Ostheimer toy and learn more about the pedagogical impulse and the history of our family company with its rich tradition.

At the end of the tour you can take home the wooden figurine you have followed through its origin. Thus, you have nice a memory of your visit at our workshops.

Experience how Toys are Created

Guided tours – programme and fees

Small tour (length approx. 60min)

Adults € 7,50

Children und youth up to 14 years € 4,00

Children up to 3 years, accompanied by their parents, have free admission at private tours

Medium tour, including painting (length approx. 120 min)

Adults € 12,- (€ 7,50* + € 4,50 for painting)

Children und youth up to 14 years 8,50 (€ 4,00* + € 4,50 for painting)

* 50 % of the entrance fee will be refunded if you buy products in our shop subsequently to the tour

Large tour, including painting and a fairy tale performance

Adults € 15,00 (€7,50* + € 4,50 for painting + € 3,00 for fairy tale performance)

Children und youth up to 14 years € 12,00 (€ 4,00* + € 4,50 for painting + € 3,50 for fairy tale performance).

School classes and kindergarten groups

Small tour: €2,50 per child
Medium tour, including painting € 7,00 per child

Large tour, including painting and a fairy tale performance € 11,00 per child

Unfortunately, for these groups there is no refunding.

One chaperone per group gets free entrance.

Guided tours with up to 7 persons are blanketly charged with €45,00. We offer you a refunding of €20,00 if your purchasing strides €50,00.

All guided tours only possible after prior
registration by telephone. Tel.: 07164/9420-0