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Ostheimer Is Supporting Others

...because we do not only see ourselves as manufacturers of high-quality toys.






Today a mother is released from the hospital soon after the birth of their child. Despite being in a state of happiness about the newborn baby, the usual craziness of a childbed family begins soon after the arrival at home. The baby is crying, there is no time to go shopping; the siblings are sometimes jealous und the caring father has to go back to work. To have friends or family members who can support the family in this situation is a blessing. All those who can´t count themselves that lucky get help from wellcome – practical support for families after the birth. Like a guardian angel, their voluntary assistance comes to the family´s aid.

The mutual goal of our cooperation: We want to support children right from the beginning! This idea of wellcome, which has already found conversion in many families, is of a great importance for us at Ostheimer. This is why, we decided to support wellcome. In cooperation between wellcome and Ostheimer we designed a “wellcome angel”, which can be bought at the wellcome facilities. The revenues of the sale go to wellcome and help to bring new wellcome teams into being all around Germany. We hope that many more families with their daughters or sons can get help in this wonderful, but also often very exhausting time.More information about wellcome and their facilities can be found at:

Spiel und Zukunft

With our active commitment at the web portal “Spiel und Zukunft” we strongly want to express that not only the skin-deep toy security, defined by the used materials and the workmanship, is of a great importance. Creating an increasing awareness for good toys among parents, great-parents and all other people who are involved in the education of our children is also a major concern here at Ostheimer. Spiel und Zukunft offers many valuable hints and information round the topics children, playing and family. Simply visit us; a click will be worth it. We can recommend it!

Arbeits- und Lebensgemeinschaft e.V.

The Arbeits- und Lebensgemeinschaft incorporated society (e.V. ) was founded by a group of parents of handicapped children in Bad Boll. Besides a lot of other projects, which was brought to life by the people responsible there, an own wood workshop was established in cooperation with the Margarete Ostheimer GmbH. Its goal is to provide handicapped young people with a working place at the labour market.

Meanwhile, a small but nice wood workshop has developed itself, crafting nice wooden toys and fancy goods. It also implies a small carpenter´s shop for quality wooden furniture. They market their products to speciality retailers and consumers in direct selling.
We at Ostheimer still support the wooden workshop with production orders and provide them assistance in the delivery of their parcels. The integration of people with disabilities is an important self-concept for us. That is why the pleasure of encountering our colleagues of the wooden workshop is always a magnificent enrichment in our everyday´s work.