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The Ostheimer Foundation

It was in memory of her parents Walter and Adeline Ostheimer, who had founded the Ostheimer Toy Company and had dedicated their lives to the production and development of good toys, when Margarete Ostheimer converted the company from private ownership into a foundation in the year 2001.

It has always been her entrepreneurial conviction, that profits should not be accumulated, but to a good part returned back into community, supporting forward-looking initiatives and projects. This is still a notably important part of the Ostheimer’s corporate philosophy.

As official owner of the Margarete Ostheimer GmbH, the Walter and Adeline Ostheimer Foundation holds the assets and forms the background for the work of the management of Ostheimer Wooden Toys, leading our company as modern enterprise into the future.

The stated purpose of our foundation is the support of anthroposophical initiatives and institutions. The history of the Ostheimer family as well as their toy company was significantly influenced by Rudolf Steiner's anthroposophy and the ideas of Waldorf education he developed.  Thus, it was only consequent for Margarete Ostheimer that part of the profits of our toy company should be used to support modern anthroposophic impulses.

This is the case for projects in the field of child and youth education, but also in the fields of art, culture, religion, the care for the elderly as well as in natural and human sciences. A project uniquely brought into being by our foundation is dealing with enhancing the awareness for the broad range of effects that products have on the health and development of children.

Today, the Ostheimer Founddation is a notably important part of Ostheimer’s corporate philosophy. As it has always been one of the basic impulses of our company to create toys which allow children to play freely and imaginatively and thus enhance their healthy development, it is also our aim to contribute in a positive way to social life.