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Awareness of Real Quality

If we use the term „quality“ for something, we usually speak of aspects like its nature, material, high class workmanship, safety, healthiness or stability. These values, these kinds of „qualities“ are usually seen and evaluated in products. They can be tested, measured and examined. They are „obvious“, perceivable with our senses. All these aspects are taken into consideration, if we speak of the high quality of Ostheimer products.

We are convinced, however, that for real quality in a product you need to look even beyond these physical aspects. All things surrounding us, make an impact on us, not only in respect to what we can see or detect physically. This is all the more true for children who are still developing. Everything that a child encounters has an influence on its development. As toy manufacturers we therefore bear a special responsibility. We feel, it is an important aspect of our work to gain extensive insight in and awareness of all qualities that are effective in products and thus make an impact on children.

It is important to us to further deepen our awareness of quality in this way.