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Safe Toys for Children

The child, as a developing being, is at the centre of our awareness. This not only involves the production of safe toys made with verified materials.

We went one step further and trained one of our colleagues to keep abreast of all current toy-safety standards and regulations. She monitors every step of the manufacturing process.

Beyond this, it has always been an important part of our aims and objectives to use high-quality, environmentally-friendly materials. All our resources are chosen consciously. Our lumber comes from sustainable and local forestry. It is painted with carefully chosen colours and organic oil, to preserve the natural qualities of the wood. By doing so, we make it possible for the child to experience all these qualities in a unique way.

All toys you purchase are labeled with the necessary warnings. Warnings are helpful because they support parents in their vigilance. Despite all necessary care, it remains important that children can enjoy relaxed play and feel the confidence and certainty of their parents.