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Sustainable Production


It has always been an important part of our aims and objectives to use high-quality, environmentally-friendly materials. All our resources are chosen consciously. Our lumber comes from sustainable and local forestry. It is painted with carefully chosen colours and organic oil, to preserve the natural qualities of the wood. By doing so, we make it possible for the child to experience all these qualities in a unique way.



In human surroundings, trees appear as an allegory of life. They endow us in many respects. The sight of them delights us; they give us shade, fresh air worth breathing and an abundance of fruits. Wood characterizes our everyday life as a vital material for building houses and furniture. In winter, it supplies us with warmth and light.

Another wonderful gift that trees present to us is the possibility to make wooden toys. Treated gently, wood retains its naturalness and energy which will benefit children. They can experience the purity of nature with all their senses.

Wood - Our Natural, Lively Material

At Ostheimer, we appreciate wood and this is expressed in the way we treat this lively material throughout production stage. Starting with the conscious purchase of wood from sustainable forestry, continuing with efficient utilization and ending with the use of residual wood for the heating our buildings. Each step is dedicated to the protection of our environment.

Every piece of wood tells its own story. You can experience these stories through our toys. The surfaces are not sealed by paints or varnishes. The careful treatment with paints and organic oils gives children the possibility to experience the vitality of the wood with all their senses.