A Sustainable Corporate Concept

Our business philosophy is based on three pillars of sustainable action: the production of high-quality, durable wooden toys suitable for children, responsible economic activities, and social commitment in society.

Guiding Principles for Our Products

For more than 80 years, we have lovingly handcrafted wooden toys in Germany. Our hope is to give children an endearing picture of the world with its many different people and animals. Sustainable manufacturing, using regional, certified wood, as well as partnership-based distribution and sale of toys in the best possible quality have always been a core part of our identity. Respect for people and nature lies at the heart of everything we do, and we constantly work to further improve in terms of environmental protection and social standards.

Guiding Principles for Our Economic Activities

Our company is managed to ensure financial health, not aimed at profit maximization, but rather focused on the needs of people and the environment. We assign great importance to providing a healthy work environment and a sense of purpose to our employees based on mutual respect and appreciation. 

Thanks to this philosophy, there is room for a diverse group of people in our company. In this way, we want to do our part to make economic activity more humane and fair.

Guiding Principles of Our Social Commitment

We see businesses as having a responsibility to foster new, healthier forms of social coexistence and we have committed to going down innovative, sustainable paths in this respect. 

Since 2001, Ostheimer has been owned by the Walter and Adeline Ostheimer Foundation. Profits that are not directly needed to keep our company healthy flow back into society through this foundation and support social causes and sustainable initiatives.

Producing Sustainably

Paying attention to high-quality, environmentally friendly materials has always been part of Ostheimer's business philosophy.

All our materials are consciously chosen. For example, our wood comes from sustainable local timber production. The material is treated with selected paints and organic oils, which preserve the natural properties of the wood and allow children to experience these properties.

For many people, trees are a symbol of life. They give us gifts in many ways. The sight of them has an uplifting and invigorating effect. They provide us with natural shade, breathable air and nourishing fruit. Wood also shapes our everyday lives as a material for houses and furniture. And in winter, it provides us with natural warmth.

Another great gift of trees is that people can create wooden toys from them. When treated carefully, it retains its natural vibrancy and strength to the benefit of children, who can experience the beauty of nature with all their senses through wooden toys.