Frequently Asked Questions

We have created a collection for you with frequently asked questions and also tips about our company and products. You are welcome to send us your questions or suggestions.

Most Ostheimer figures are made of maple wood. Its light-colored wood is delicately grained and makes the colors of the toys shine. Some Ostheimer figures, such as the camels, are made of solid, heavily grained ash wood. Here you can see the wood structure particularly well. The figures in our toddler series are made of alder wood.

Each rocking horse is custom-made and the arm rest is individually adjusted. If we send a single arm rest, it will most likely have to be adapted to the “old” rocking horse.

To ensure good surface protection, the figures are dipped in oil after painting. It consists mainly of ricin oil, which we obtain in organic quality from a regional manufacturer. It is safe for children and fulfils the requirements of the Toy Safety Directive.

If something breaks, it is not a lack of quality, but rather a condition that comes with wood as a natural material. The spike in the royal crown or the foot of a figure can usually be glued back in place with a drop of wood glue. Or you can sand the edges of the break with sandpaper. [More on this]

Here, it's not a piece of wood that's broken off, but we've sanded off the color at this point, which represents the "mirror", the white spot on the hindquarters of a deer that every deer naturally has. First the deer is completely dipped in brown paint, then the face is painted on, and then the white spot on the rump is sanded in.

The colors included in the creative set are the opaque colors from Stockmar. They are not the toy colors of the Ostheimer figures, i.e. they are not saliva-proof. We recommend drying the figures well after painting and then treating them carefully with a color-neutral cooking oil. If desired, the figure can also be varnished.

Our decorative cloths are manufactured in a small company in Silesia (Poland). The pure cotton fabric is also woven in Poland, is cut to the appropriate size, then sewn, dyed and washed. Unfortunately, due to the many work steps that are often carried out by hand, small size deviations cannot be completely avoided in the fine, loosely woven fabric.

The wooden figures are painted with colors that are not of animal origin. The tails are made of hemp or sisal. In the article Crib with Child II there is some sheep's wool in the crib. Except for the horse for St.Martin and the pony, where the reins are made of real leather, all items can be described as vegan.

We recommend our unpainted natural wood figures Rocking Bear, Rocking Rabbit, Dolphin, Bear running, Dog and Horse for children of toddler age. They have an untreated surface and are made of alder wood in soft shapes.

If you have a complaint, please contact the retailer from whom you purchased the goods directly. In case of doubt, they will contact us.

The two Nativity Assortments can be combined with each other and the sizes of the figures match.

The child, the developing human being, is at the center of everything we do. This also means producing safe toys for children from tested materials. All of our toys always comply with the latest toy safety standards.[More on this]

Our wooden figures are stamped with the Ostheimer logo on the bottom side. Until the 1970s these were paper stickers and until the end of the 1980s our figures were branded. Since then, the typical rubber stamp has labelled the wooden figures as Ostheimer originals.

Deliberately gently rounded and kept in a simple shape, the warm effect of the wood can come into its own in our toddler series. With their finely sanded surface, they nestle in the mouth and hand of the small child, who encounters a piece of the world in the toy. That's why we deliberately avoid using any kind of colors and the typical Ostheimer stamp.

Our products are available from good specialised toy retailers. You can find Ostheimer specialist dealers in your area using the store locator.

There is also the 2nd choice shop at the Ostheimer company in Zell u. A. Here you can only buy 2nd choice products.

To paint the figures, we use water-based wood stains that are specifically designed for toys. This means that they are saliva-proof, harmless to health and fulfil the strict standards required by law for toys. In addition, the translucent properties of these precisely coordinated colors beautifully highlight the characteristic, lovable nature of the Ostheimer figures.

Wood contains tannins that have a natural antibacterial effect. However, if cleaning is necessary, for example if it is heavily soiled, then we recommend 

  • Use lukewarm water, possibly with a little diluted vinegar or a splash of ecological washing-up liquid
  • Gently rub the surfaces with a soft, clean cloth or sponge
  • Lightly sand natural wood figures (not painted figures) in heavily soiled areas with 120 grit sandpaper
  • After cleaning, rub the toy with a soft cotton cloth and let it air dry.