Original Ostheimer

Thank you for buying an original Ostheimer product and supporting our work as well as the values we try to bring into the world every day. Through your purchase, you also encourage us to continue taking a stand for good, safe, and ethically sound children's toys and for a fair, people-centered business approach.

 Sibylle Engstrom

What does "Original Ostheimer" mean?

Only our wooden figures possess all the characteristics of Ostheimer originals:

  •  First of all, there is the typical Ostheimer design – the very unique, simple yet artistic style developed by our founders more than 80 years ago that represents people, animals and trees as lively wooden toys. This particular style of toy design is recognized as “Ostheimer” around the world and enjoys great popularity. Because of this great popularity, we continue to see attempts to copy and sell wooden figures in a similar style.
  •  For a long time, you were able to identify Ostheimer originals by the Ostheimer logo stamp that can be found on all of our figures. But for several years now, even our logo has been imitated and stamped onto copied figures - precisely because our logo is a symbol for quality and tradition. The tag label with detailed information about each of our products is still unique so far, but we have unfortunately learned that nothing is safe from forgery.

How can you recognize Ostheimer originals yourself?

We believe that you can answer the question "Original Ostheimer or not?" if you look closely, trust your own perception, and see whether or not you recognize and perceive the following characteristics in the wooden figures. Because we are convinced that these characteristics are reflected in the design of our products and can be experienced by interacting with our company:

Original Design

  • Ostheimer originals were created out of the deep conviction that children need beautiful, endearing images of people, animals and their environment to play with. And these figures should have a friendly and life-affirming demeanor and express respect for whomever they represent.
  •  Ostheimer figures have a simple, child-friendly design, characterized by clear forms, which leaves room for children's imagination and encourages creative play.
  •  Ostheimer figures are painted with harmonious colors using the glazing painting technique, and they are treated with organic oils, so that the qualities of wood as a natural material can be experienced when you hold the products in your hands.
  • Only carefully selected, high-quality, safe materials are used in Ostheimer originals. The manufacturing process meets all toy safety requirements and, beyond that, our own high standards of responsibility and ethics.

Original Manufacturing

  • Our figures are crafted by hand, step by step, with purpose and care for children. Because we believe that children (and adults) can feel the goodhearted impulses that the people involved in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of our toys have given them.
  • We deliberately don’t manufacture by machine, even though this would allow us to produce higher quantities and perhaps also increase our profit margin. We don’t do it because this would fundamentally change our products and strip away the artistic quality as well as the human charisma and warmth that are vital components of every Ostheimer figure. Signs of machine production or exact uniformity of figures are therefore an important indication that figures could be counterfeits. Thanks of our handwork, each of our figures is unique and looks a little bit different.
  • Sustainable use of resources and packaging has long been our company philosophy. Our figures have always been made from regional wood sourced from sustainable forestry, they do not contain any environmentally harmful substances, and they are sold without outer packaging. In addition, we know that they are often passed down from generation to generation.

Original Company

  • It is part of our company philosophy that we bear a special social responsibility - not only toward our own employees, but also toward society, the environment, and especially toward children. Accordingly, our business decisions and our social commitment are grounded in sincerity and appreciation for the world around us. Furthermore, our company has been foundation-managed since 2001, so that surpluses go toward social projects and thus toward the broader common good.
  • Companies that copy our products represent the exact opposite. They seek to enrich themselves off the ideas and the work of others, and the driving force behind their actions is quick profit.

Let's stay in conversation

If you are unsure whether or not a figure you bought or you were gifted is really an original Ostheimer figure, please contact us and send us a photo. You will definitely receive an answer from us and it’s important for us to know if counterfeits are being distributed.

In addition, we have provided a global overview of our distributors here. It lists all toy specialty stores or online portals that we supply either ourselves or through our trusted distribution partners abroad. We keep this data up to date as best we can, but we are also grateful for your feedback in case you encounter any discrepancies.

Please feel free to contact us at any time at kontakt@ostheimer.de if you have any questions or comments. Thank you for your interest and for helping to ensure that children continue to receive safe, high-quality, ethically made toys.