The Ostheimer Foundation

In memory of her parents, who founded the impulse for Ostheimer toys and dedicated their lives to the production and development of good wooden toys, Margarete Ostheimer established the Walter and Adeline Ostheimer Foundation at the beginning of 2001. For her, this was a timely step, as she was convinced that business enterprises bear a special responsibility for society and for shaping social and cultural life. 

Following this claim, she contributed her company Margarete Ostheimer GmbH to the Walter and Adeline Ostheimer Foundation in 2001. Since then, profits that are not used to keep the company in good health have been returned to the cycle of social life via the foundation by supporting forward-looking social projects and initiatives. 

As the sole owner of Margarete Ostheimer GmbH, the foundation manages the real estate and forms the background for the work of the management, which leads the company into the future as a modern enterprise. 

Today, the Ostheimer Foundation is an important part of the Ostheimer company philosophy. Just as the founding impulse of Ostheimer Holzspielzeug is to provide children with toys that are essential for their healthy development, the foundation also strives to have a positive impact on society. This is achieved in particular by supporting projects in the areas of children's and youth education, education, art, culture and religion, care and support for the elderly, and agriculture.