Ostheimer Toys

Ostheimer Wooden Toys – Imaginative Worlds of Play, Caringly Crafted by Hand

For many decades, Ostheimer Wooden Toys have brought an adorable and lovely image of the world into many children´s rooms. The mind of children senses the world around them as being good. They want to be amazed and to admire and they desire to re-enact all perceived experiences. Fanciful playing themes come to life.

If you look at the firm vehicles of the Konrad-Keller-Line, at the mobiles and the wardrobes, or at the world-famous Ostheimer wooden figures:all of them feature a consciously unpretentious design. With their elementary shaped forms and colours, all figures create scope for imaginative playing. Thus, each figure correlates with a childlike view of the world.

Children need a good und lovely image of the world surrounding them. They are looking for security and sense in life. Finding these emotions in playing, children gain courage and strength to face the reality.