Safe Toys are Our Concern

Producing good, educationally high-quality toys has always been a matter close to our hearts and of course includes the aspect of toy safety - not only as fulfillment of required standards, but also as a self-perceived obligation to act responsibly.

Acting in the spirit of toy safety

Ostheimer Holzspielzeug employs a specialist who competently handles the area of toy safety and quality assurance and at the same time lives the philosophy of the company. She is always up to date with the latest safety regulations and documents and accompanies our daily work. Thus, all our toys always comply with the latest toy safety standards.

Warnings are also part of toy safety

All our products are marked with the necessary warnings, e.g. that the toy is not suitable for children under three years of age. When purchasing, please make sure that the instructions are always given to you together with the product.

Warnings are helpful because they support parents, grandparents and carers in their vigilance. However, despite all caution, it remains important that children can play carefree and feel the trust and security of adults.

CE mark 

With the CE mark, manufacturers express that they know the special requirements for their product and that their toys fully comply with European standards and safety guidelines.

Paying attention to high-quality, environmentally friendly materials

This has always been part of our company philosophy. All materials used are carefully chosen, certified and comply with the European toy standard EN 71.

Our wood comes from sustainable local forestry. They are treated with selected colors and organic oils, which preserve the natural properties of the wood and allow the child to experience them.

Spiel gut

Many of our products bear the spiel gut seal. This is one of the most important awards for educational toys in Germany.