Repair - if something breaks ...

Natural, beautiful, durable... and yet it can also break

The design of our wooden toys moves between the desire to create stable, easy-to-play toys and the desire to give children an artistically designed image of a figure. Despite careful design and choice of materials, wooden toys can break when played or dropped. In order to keep this risk as low as possible, we pay careful attention to wood defects and the course of the grain during production. For some time now we have only been using air-dried wood for our figures, as they have greater elasticity and liveliness than chamber-dried ones.

If something breaks, it is not a lack of quality, but rather a condition that comes with wood as a natural material. You can point out this danger to children and encourage them to be careful with the figures. If the spike in the king's crown or the foot of a figure is broken, you can repair the damage with wood glue. Or you can sand down the edges of the break a little and give the figure a new, very individual value by telling a story: “The old deer has already endured many a fight in the forest and proudly wears the marks on his antlers...” 

Who would love an old teddy bear any less if it had lost an arm or if its fur was scuffed from being loved so much?

"Helping under the arms..."

The limbs of our movable figures are attached with rivets that, unlike screws, cannot be unscrewed while playing. 

If the arms or legs should become loose - this cannot be ruled out due to the living material of wood - the rivet can be tightened again with a hammer blow on the head. 

It is important that the lower end of the rivet is also on a metal (e.g. another hammer) or insensitive stone.