I’m the Ostheimer hedgehog and I like to roam around at dusk or even at night, exploring gardens, meadows and the undergrowth of the forest. Although I’m small, I can be a little noisy, making the leaves rustle when I scurry around and smacking my lips when I have found something tasty to eat. The good thing is that my spiked coat protects me so well that I don't need to be afraid. So I can run around carefree on my little feet. If someone comes too close to me, I just curl up and I’m completely safe.
Original Ostheimer figures are manufactured purely by hand and colored with selected paints. We create our products with great care and use only certified materials. That way, you are guaranteed safe, high quality children's toys. Each of our products is a unique piece that has been crafted with love. Our figures encourage children's lively, imaginative and open-ended play.

Currently not available

Product number: 1623
Length: 6.5 cm
Width: 2.5 cm
Height: 4 cm
Woodtype: Maple
Age recommendation: Not suitable for children under 36 month.

Our hedgehogs

With animals as small as hedgehogs, we limit ourselves to the essential features: the pointed nose, the characteristic spiked coat, and the small round eyes. And here again, the animals are depicted comparatively larger than they would be in real life. That is the only way children can experience their features properly and still play with them.