Red Deer Stag

I proudly wear large antlers on my head and my roaring call can be heard almost through the entire forest. We Ostheimer red deer are noble, large creatures with beautiful brown fur. We live in many parts of the world, but everywhere, we find our habitat in vast and sparsely populated forests.
Original Ostheimer figures are manufactured purely by hand and colored with selected paints. We create our products with great care and use only certified materials. That way, you are guaranteed safe, high quality children's toys. Each of our products is a unique piece that has been crafted with love. Our figures encourage children's lively, imaginative and open-ended play.

Currently not available

Product number: 15351
Length: 14 cm
Width: 2.5 cm
Height: 13.5 cm
Woodtype: Maple
Age recommendation: Not suitable for children under 36 month.

Ostheimer red deer family

Our red deer family was created by Stephan Zech, who took over the design of our figures from Margarete Ostheimer in 1995. His designs wonderfully capture the elegance but also the size and strength of these animals.
The stag underwent a change in design a few years ago, when the antlers became attached to the back of the stag. This change is a good example of the need to make compromises in our designs to ensure the stability of the figures.