Frog sitting

Comfortably quacking, I sit by the Ostheimer pond and wait for a tasty fly to come buzzing toward me. Of course, I also always keep an eye on the longlegged stork, so that he doesn't come too close to me with his pointed beak.
Original Ostheimer figures are manufactured purely by hand and colored with selected paints. We create our products with great care and use only certified materials. That way, you are guaranteed safe, high quality children's toys. Each of our products is a unique piece that has been crafted with love. Our figures encourage children's lively, imaginative and open-ended play.

Currently not available

Product number: 1636
Length: 4 cm
Width: 2 cm
Height: 3 cm
Woodtype: Ash
Age recommendation: Not suitable for children under 36 month.

Ostheimer frogs

The green of our two Ostheimer frogs generally resembles the color of tree frogs. But due to the strong grain in the ash wood they are made of, the two can take on quite different shades of green. Even these rather plainly painted figures therefore have unique differences. The two frogs vividly depict the typical movements of these animals and they form a beautiful ensemble together with the pond and the stork or fish. 
By the way, the "unrealistic" proportions between the frogs and storks are not a problem for children while playing. At Ostheimer, we believe it's most important to create vivid representations of the animals and to make sure that even small figures are easy to grasp for children's hands.